Python autoclicker with pynput

Install python

Check does you have python install, open up Terminal and use the following command to check

python3 --version

if the output gives you a version number then you have python installed

if you get command not found, go to python website to download and install the latest python for your operating system.

Install pip

Check does you have pip install, open up Terminal and use the following command to check

pip --version

Download setup script

curl -o

Run the setup


Let’s begin

you need to install the python module pynput

pip install pynput

then create a file


open up the file with your text editor of your choice and paste in the following code

# importing time and threading
import time
import threading
from pynput.mouse import Controller, Button  
# pynput.keyboard is used to watch events of 
# keyboard for start and stop of auto-clicker
from pynput.keyboard import Listener, KeyCode
TOGGLE_KEY = KeyCode(char="t")

clicking = False
mouse = Controller()

def clicker():
    while True:
        if clicking:
  , 1)

def toggle_event(key):
    if key == TOGGLE_KEY:
        global clicking
        clicking = not clicking

click_thread = threading.Thread(target=clicker)

with Listener(on_press=toggle_event) as listener:

How to run the program

go to terminal and use python3 to run the python program and use “t” to toggle the auto click function

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