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Python autoclicker with pynput

Install python Check does you have python install, open up Terminal and use the following command to check if the output gives you a version number then you have python installed if you get command not found, go to python…

Learning React

Digital Namecard The digital namecard is my first React project, I’ve discover vite while learning react. airbnb Clone This project is to practice how to use CSS to style react component. Math Quiz This project I build for my son…

Ubuntu screen sharing setting (VNC)

For Ubuntu screen sharing it default require encryption, that’s why I cannot connect through VPN client on my iPhone, here is how to setup screen sharing and disable the encryption requirement. Open up Settings, navigate to Sharing option 2. Enable…


Please make the deposit to the following accountBank name: Hang Seng BankAccount name: CHEUNG PING LAUAccount number: 225 465640 888 or via payme

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How to Use Docker + Webtop to Secure Your Online Activities