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My Complete Guide to Using Synology DiskStation for Backup

Synology DiskStations offer a comprehensive backup solution with Hyper Backup, Active Backup for Business, and Snapshot Replication. This excerpt summarizes the main points of your article and includes the focus keywords "Synology DiskStation," "data backup," and "Hyper Backup." It is also 160 characters long, which is the recommended length for an excerpt. Here is another 160-character excerpt that you could use: Synology DiskStations are a great choice for data backup. Use Hyper Backup, Active Backup for Business, and Snapshot Replication to protect your data from loss or damage.

2bay NAS 2022 Price List

Synology NAS

Item Price Synology DiskStation DS720+ 2Bays NAS HK$3,575.00 Seagate 2TB IronWolf NAS HK$500.00 Seagate 4TB IronWolf NAS HK$713.00 Seagate 8TB IronWolf NAS HK$1,380.00 Professional Installation Configuration and Migration HK$500.00

Portainer on Synology NAS

First you need to install docker package on your Synology NAS, and enable SSH and allow port 22 traffic on the firewall. and create a sub folder under docker folder for portainer to store its data. and the connect to…

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