Use rsync to backup

Sync Data_Folder and put the folder into Backup_Folder
rsync -avzhr ~/Data/Data_Folder username@backup_server:~/Backup_Folder/

Sync everything inside Data_Folder to backup server Data_Folder
rsync -avzhr ~/Data/Data_Folder/ username@backup_server:~/Backup_Folder/DataFolder/ 
-a archive mode, which allows copying files recursively and it also preserves symbolic links, file permissions, user & group ownerships, and timestamps.
-zcompress file data.
-hhuman-readable, output numbers in a human-readable format.
-rcopies data recursively (but don’t preserve timestamps and permission while transferring data.
–dry-runDry Run
--exclude 'file.txt'



Some Synology Diskstation folder to ignore

-avzhr --exclude={'*.lrdata','#recycle','@eaDir','_SYNCAPP','.DS_Store','Thumbs.db','.picasa.ini','.TemporaryItems','.apdisk'}

sudo rsync -avzhr --exclude={'*.lrdata','#recycle','@eaDir','_SYNCAPP','.DS_Store','Thumbs.db','.picasa.ini','.TemporaryItems','.apdisk'} /var/services/homes/alexcpl/mount/photo/source /volume1/photos/

Copy Directories on Linux

cp -R <source_folder> <destination_folder>


cp -R /etc /etc_backup

Copy Directory Content Recursively on Linux

cp -R <source_folder>/* <destination_folder>

Copy multiple directories with cp

cp -R <source_folder_1> <source_folder_2> ... <source_folder_n>  <destination_folder>


cp -R /etc/* /home/* /backup_folder

Copying using rsync

Make sure to include the “-r” option for “recursive” and the “-a” option for “all” (otherwise non-regular files will be skipped)

rsync -ar <source_folder> <destination_user>@<destination_host>:<path>


rsync -ar /etc user@server:/etc_backup

Similarly, you can choose to copy the content of the “/etc/ directory rather than the directory itself by appending a wildcard character after the directory to be copied.

rsync -ar /etc/* user@server:/etc_backup/

Finally, if you want to introduce the current date while performing a directory backup, you can utilize Bash parameter substitution.

rsync -ar /etc/* user@server:/etc_backup/etc_$(date "+%F")

Copying using scp

scp -r <source_folder> <destination_user>@<destination_host>:<path>


scp -r /etc user@server:/etc_backup/
scp -r /etc user@server:/etc_backup/etc_$(date "+%F")

Backing up using tar and SSH to backup server

tar -zcf /volume1/docker/pihole_$(date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S").tar.gz -C /volume1/docker pihole

rsync -a pihole*.tar.gz username@server:/volume1/backups/docker_backups

Sometimes you on a server is nearly full cannot create a tar file on the disk then copy across network. Now you can do the following.

tar -zcvf source_folder | ssh user@server "cat > /volume1/backups/backup_date.tgz

to extract a .tgz file, you need to following command.

tar -xvzf /volume1/backups/backup_date.tgz

AFSO backup script

rsync -avzhr --progress  --exclude={'#recycle','AFSOSERVER01_backup.hbk','@eaDir','_SYNCAPP','.DS_Store','Thumbs.db','.picasa.ini','.TemporaryItems','.apdisk'} csqadmin@ /volume1/administration/

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