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Learning React

Digital Namecard The digital namecard is my first React project, I’ve discover vite while learning react. airbnb Clone This project is to practice how to use CSS to style react component. Math Quiz This project I build for my son…

Python youtube downloader

First update pip Then install pytube On mac system there is an SSL Certificate error, navigate to your Python folder and run the following command to install the Certificate Finally you can use pytube to downlaod YouTube videos.

MS Visual Studio Code

Extension Cobalt2 Theme Official Docker Highlight Line Jupyter Live Sass Compiler Live Server Pylance Python Remote – Containers markdownlint EditorConfig for VS Code Git History Git Project Manager GitLens – Git supercharged Kubernetes Vim Bridge to Kubernetes Adding code to…

ATT Terminal Command list

Updated: 2024-04-02 Create User – Linux systems Install zsh and ohmyzsh download and install or Install web browsers To zip folder To unzip the zip file Web server on demand SASS watch commands SCP – Copy files over SSH Folder…

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