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My Complete Guide to Using Synology DiskStation for Backup

Synology DiskStations offer a comprehensive backup solution with Hyper Backup, Active Backup for Business, and Snapshot Replication. This excerpt summarizes the main points of your article and includes the focus keywords "Synology DiskStation," "data backup," and "Hyper Backup." It is also 160 characters long, which is the recommended length for an excerpt. Here is another 160-character excerpt that you could use: Synology DiskStations are a great choice for data backup. Use Hyper Backup, Active Backup for Business, and Snapshot Replication to protect your data from loss or damage.

Run docker with sudoer group in Synology

SSH into your Synology box Create a docker user group (sudo synogroup –add docker) Change the owner group of the docker.sock file (sudo chown root:docker ) Add your user to the new docker group (sudo synogroup –member docker $USER)

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