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Windows hibernate mode

The hiberfil.sys getting too large and eating up your C drive space, here is a command to get rid of it and get your space back. Run command prompt as administrator key in the following command to disable hibernate mode.…

How to mount network drive on Ubuntu

To mount a network share folder, is easier using the GUI, but sometimes while using SSH terminal in to the box, is better to know the command line how to connect network share using commands. Install CIFS packages Create mounting…


雖然現在購買的 web hosting 都有包電子郵件 但是現時 CPanel 的電子郵件介面比較簡單, 而且也沒有最大那兩家(Microsoft 和 Google) 的強大電郵威脅檢測服務。 你知道你可以使用 或 Gmail 來發送和接收你自己的電子郵件地址嗎? 在此視頻中,我將向你展示如何使用 連接你自己的電子郵件地址以及如何使用它發送和接收電子郵件。 如果您喜歡這些 tips and tricks,請別忘了給這視頻點贊並訂閱。 To support this channel, you can use the following affiliate links.  Web Hosting:  Professional email services: 

Step by step how to setup Web server

Preface I like to build my own virtual machine for local developing my WordPress sites, using this way I can run the virtual machine under any operating system.You can also try XAMPP or local by flywheelbut building my own VMs is more stable,…

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How to Use Docker + Webtop to Secure Your Online Activities